Astpp v5 - sip trunk with ip auth


I have installed astpp and is functional with normal sip account. I want to connect with sio trunk option from my service.

The ip address is already authenticated on the sip server but where can i give or write correct setting parameters? I can find only this information from my service:

Creating the SIP trunk

  • Go to «Settings», «SIP Connection» in your personal profile and click «Add a SIP Trunk».
  • Create a name for the SIP trunk and select one of the existing SIP logins. The selected SIP login will be the identifying SIP for your SIP trunk and will become unavailable for the registration (receiving incoming calls).
  • Add your static IP address or several IP addresses.
  • To confirm the IP address, it is necessary to route the call to number 8888 on server.
  • After your IP address is confirmed, you can make outgoing calls by sending us an INVITE with the appropriate CallerID number in the «From:» section. This will simplify the work at our end and will help us understand the work of outgoing routing


From: < >

To: < >

The CallerID number in the «From:» section must be in an international format E.164. It can be a phone number purchased from Service or any other confirmed phone number. If the phone number in the «From:» section is entered in the wrong format, we will use the CallerID number set by default in your personal profile’s SIP trunk settings.

For example, if you are using Asterisk, you can set up different CallerIDs depending on your call destination using two lines in extensions.conf:

exten => _4420XXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=442012345678)

same => n,Dial(SIP/myservice/${EXTEN})

*London CallerID 442012345678 will be used for calls to London landline numbers starting with code 420


If you have telegram address I can help you over anydesk how to configure.



Here is my telegram adres: Telegram: Contact @ComPExperT2

Hello @ComPExperT ,
Can you share the screenshot of your sip trunk configuration?

Hi I think this is the same issue which i am having i have raised a jira tickt for this ASTPP 4 - Outbound calls error 403 Missing P-Asserted-Ide - #7 by voicecloud
Jira -

Hello @voicecloud ,
We have update your ticket, please check.