Switch Monitoring Add-On v4.0 Registered Devices Not Showing


Softphone registers successfully every time on any configured SIP Port. But Registered devices
are shown successfully only for SIP Profile name (default) in ASTPP v4.0. Tested version 4.0.1 in Debian 9

Install version 4.0.1 in Debian 9 and i have the same problem, how do i fix it?

Hope you have set correct password in SIP Profile instead of default FS password “Cluecon”.

Yes, and not work.

Please check error logs and share so might be get idea.

This has already been fixed according to the link (https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-524), but it does not tell you how we can fix it, as I installed my version 15 days ago and the fix was in 2019

You can find the answer from here: https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-776

Perfect, resolved!!!