Why ASTPP is so useless

To OP if you are still around. I found the definitive answer to your question. It’s only Community Edition that is being intentionally kept that way. Enterprise edition v6 has had the framework (CodeIgnitor) updated. In order to do that they must have done a major overhaul to the code. None of that is being shared with the Community Edition as far as I can tell. Connecting the dots, that would mean CE edition is basically abandoned if they are no longer sharing core code with EE.

I can understand the community edition not including many things, but not also updating it to be on par with the enterprise edition is just unacceptable. The point is to get you to use the community edition, then as your business grows, and have income stream, you want to upgrade to better handle your business.

Arpit Modi was even bragging about releasing version 6 community version at ClueCon:


Probably time to move on.

I take it that has not happened?

Nope! At least now I know why.

@sman123 team has cloned the PR and about to done with the verification, it should be merged in early next week

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What about updating CodeIgnitor like you have done on the Enterprise Edition? Typically, Enterprise editions and Community Editions share the same code base.

Community Edition is obsolete dead end software running CI v2.

I have a reply to your pull request can you please check and revert back to us?

As shared, we are planning to update PHP, CI to the latest stable release; help for the same is highly appreciated. As you already have worked in this direction, contact me about your progress and plan on harsh.patel@inextrix.com

Just to confirm that I understand you correctly. You plan to update CI to v4 on the Community Edition? That would be great news if that is what you plan to do.

Apparently not. I am giving something else a try now (SW). Seems to be better made.

Can you share, please?

My pull request is still just sitting there, so I won’t be putting any more effort into trying to improve community edition.

I am curious why they are playing these games acting like it’s still an active project. They changed the revision from v5 to v6 even though there was almost ZERO changes to the code. I guess they thought nobody would notice.

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I was saying something similar to them recently with a lot of pull requests just sitting there.

Then there is the fact the new version 6 community edition has only a few lines of code which had some changes made to it. So, calling it version 6 is not being very honest.


The deal breaker for me is that they are not sharing the base code changes from Enterprise Edition which appears to have had a major overhaul. All they did was changed the version number to be the same to give the appearance that they are doing that. So yea, it seems dishonest to me.

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Unlike this project, they are sharing the code base between their Community and Enterprise versions which is pretty much the norm for all open-source projects. I think they share most of the features as well.

I only wish I had figured that out sooner before wasting time issuing pull requests to fix something this project wants to keep old and broken.

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SIPwise is a good and solit project.

I have the same vision, I test solutions and present them to my clients,
however what guarantees will I have if the community version simply does not work 100%

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And it seems every week, they are asking to put in a bug notice after version version 5 (faux version 6) has been out a while now.