Access Number (DNIS) Stats

How do I know which Access Number was used? I don’t see any mention in the CDR which is weird. Normally, calling card CDR lists the Caller ID (calling party), the destination number (called party) AND the DNIS (Access Number or Dialed Number) information.

For calling card calls, it is imperative that the Access Number (DNIS) is listed in the CDR. This is important for tech support if an end user complains about calls failing and also helps to detect fraud (e.g. when fraudulent calls all come in on the same access number). Is there any way in ASTPP to see which access number was used for the calls?

I would assume it is in the database, but not being displayed in the web interface?

No. It’s not. I am ordering a customization and might add that to the job.

Yeah that’s really sad that is not even in the system

It will be once my changes are incorporated :grinning:. If everyone would pay a bit to fix things, the community version could improve by leaps and bounds.

Problem is everyone has different needs, and not even sure how much it would cost to do some things I need, though I guess I could do some myself