Access Number Surcharge

Is there a way to surcharge inbound calls on Access Number DIDs? If I offer an access number from Germany, I would like to charge 5 cents per minute. I see the capability with regular DIDs but nothing for Access numbers. Any ideas?

Hello @dcitelecom
Do you mean you want to set access number in DID destination ?

On the INBOUND tab, there are 2 options. DIDs and Access Numbers. If you want to pass calls to the calling card system, you classify the DID as an Access Number.

However, the cost of DIDs is not the same for USA and Germany for example, and there does not seem to be a way to charge a higher rate for calling card calls coming in on the Germany access number vs the USA access number.

If I understand correctly, you want to define per minute charge for the access number and whoever customer is making call using that DID / access number, he/she will get charged for that. Is that right?

Yes. A per-minute surcharge for using specific access numbers must be added to the Origination Rate. For example, if the USA access number is free then it’s just the rate per minute defined in Origination Rates. However, if the Germany access number (or a toll-free access number) is called, we currently add a 5 cents per minute surcharge to Origination Rates on our existing system. Since the user making the call is identified by ANI or account number it’s no problem to add this charge.

We have 50 access numbers in various countries and with DID prices being different for each country, we charge different rates for incoming calls from the various access numbers. The logic is the same as your current DID charges.

So how can I do this? Local DIDs for Canada and the USA cost only $1 per month and the minutes are flat-rated. A Germany DID costs $4 per month. 1800 DIDs on the other hand cost $3 per month but it also costs 3 cents per minute.

How can I charge the same rate for calls originating from these 3 access numbers when my cost is different in each instance? There must be a mechanism for this in astpp as the feature is pretty standard for any calling card platform.