Adding credit to an account

I see no means to add credit to a customer account.

Suppose there is a problem and as a courtesy you want to add a one time credit to their account so they will owe less for next, or current billing.

I see one could probably do a “refill” card and log in as the client and enter it, but that is not very intuitive.
Also it would be great to add it so it is shown in the invoice as a credit with a note in the description line.

‘Credit’ will work with postpaid account only

That is unfortunate because there may be an issue to resolve where one will need to add a credit to one’s acount.

That can be done, as you mentioned probably in another thread, by topping up the account balance.

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Yes, but would be nice to be able to add a credit and in be able to reflect that in the invoice with a notation of what the credit is for.