Agents ASTPP Registration failed

could you tell me does astpp have any blocking in relation to agent
for example I have a softphone that I can’t get at all
register in astpp
it has this agent (VaxSIPUserAgent)
I put a Kamailio with SBC
there was a line blocking this agent
more even registering it
when I send the calls to astpp they do not complete

if($ua =~ "friendly-scanner|sipcli|VaxSIPUserAgent|iWar|sipvicious|sipsak|sundayddr|pplsip") {
  xlog("L_INFO","BLOQUEIO: SCANNER SIP: $rm from $ua (IP:$si:$sp)\n");
  # silent drop for scanners - uncomment next line if want to reply
  # sl_send_reply("200", "OK");

this is a line I had in my Kamailio


No @maxxsolutions there is no useragent based restriction in ASTPP
You may check the traces of non working registration request, you should be able to find something there