An Error Was Encountered

HI everyone , want install astpp 4.0.1 , give a error in the broswer said

# An Error Was Encountered

syntax error, unexpected '{'

Hello @kobymaster ,

After what change you face this issue? Have you check logs?

the log is empty

Hello @hemdip.badani, the error appear right after the installation. I’ve just tried it twice and get the same error. It was not the case in the past, have you changed something in version 4.0.1?

Hello @janeviolin04 ,

Have you apply any change? I believe you have taken script from ASTPP/ at v4.0.1 · iNextrix/ASTPP · GitHub.

@hemdip.badani I got it from here: -O

Did not apply any change. Just made a usual quick install.

Hello, any news on that? Will you fix it?

Which OS did you try this installation on? I’ll see if I can reproduce.

@Genia @kobymaster @janeviolin04 Thanks for sharing, its resolved.