Anti-Fraud Customization

I want to add 2 new features to the Community version that we have been using for a long time on our old system.

  1. “Max Call Rate”. A global value to only allow calls with a termination rate < Max Call Rate
    This would prevent fraudsters from calling high cost destinations on ASTPP

  2. In Configuration → Settings → Calls → Pinless Authentication
    I would like to add 2 more options.
    Enable (use ANI authentication)
    Disable (use PIN authentication)
    Enable with PIN (use ANI authentication and PIN)
    For the third option I want to use PIN authentication only for certain countries.

Please contact on and our team will help you with that.

OK but I this done in the community edition. The Enterprise version is just too expensive for my operation.

Does anyone know in which folder the add-on apps are stored? I think my best bet is to write an add-on with my specific requirements.

Come on man, I think anyone who has the skills to write an add-on, would be able to easily find the obvious name of the directory in which they are kept.

addons/apps directory:

The folder structure can vary based on the installation method and version of ASTPP however add-ons or apps are mostly stored in the “addons” or “addons/apps” directory within the ASTPP installation directory

addons directory:

  • Search for “addons” directory within your ASTPP installation directory, might be organized into subdirectories here
    addons/apps directory:
  • Some versions organize add-ons under an “apps” subdirectory within the “addons” directory.
    modules directory:
  • Version dependant, might find add-ons or additional features in “modules” directory within ASTPP

To find location, navigate through the file system of your ASTPP server or check the documentation that comes with the version you are using.

You obviously have access to the server, use commands like cd to change directories and ls to list the contents of a directory

hope this helps,

ASTPP, best by far

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I most likely do not have the skills to write an add-on but I’ll post a bounty or get outside help. I just wanted to look at it quickly to see what we are dealing with. I am pretty new to ASTPP.