Assign customer to new reseller

I’m on ASTPP v6 Community Edition

I have some customers assigned to “admin”, and I have to change it and assign them to a new reseller, just created.
If I create a new customer I can do it, but for the already-created ones the field seems readonly.

How can I do?

Hi @FiberTelecom
Once Account is created under reseller or admin , it will not able to edit or change later.

That is unfortunate.

For example, let’s say you really do have resellers on the site of yours. That reseller closes their business. Then that customer will no longer have incoming or outgoing calls.

What you supposed to do then? Inconvenience of a new fresh account?

In my case the reseller is like an “agent”, so if he closes his business I can move his customers to one or more of other resellers.

Still does not resolve the issue of moving to a new reseller since that field is locked

You cannot move a customer from one reseller or another reseller. It is locked due to internal data linking at many places and in case if you move it from the database, then you may face unexpected behaviour.

We are not planning to make this field editable.

Thus, either you keep that reseller account active by changing the profile information & credentials OR close the customer account along with the reseller, and create new customer under admin or another reseller.