Assigning Caller IDs to Customers in ASTPP

I would like to assign Caller IDs to my customers when they are calling through my provider. I opened the customers profile, went to Caller IDs, and added all the Caller IDs I wanted to assign to this particular customer. The problem is that the calls are still appearing with the original caller id from the customer, and not the Caller IDs that I had assigned to the customer. How do I configure them to show?

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i have the same probleme, please someone to help.

Hello @Karim,

Kindly follow this for same answer: Number fixed france doesn't pass - #3 by hemdip.badani

As well as you can refer ASTPP 4 Tutorial: Localizations - YouTube to explore concept of Localization.

Hello @hemdip.badani ,
I tried to force Caller ID for the customer, but it also did not work. I tried the terminating call localization setup, the caller id sent to the provider remains the same. The only thing that is responding is if I set the “from user” field on the gateway, but that means that all calls passing through that gateway have only one caller identity.

It should be work, Also how you assign that localization to your customer and after that you tried other wise nothing change.
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The challenge I am having with localization is that I have multiple varying caller IDs from my customer, not one specific caller ID. Is there a placeholder for ANY caller ID so that it can be replaced by one preferred ID? For example, change any xxxxxxxxx caller id from customer to 12345678