ASTPP and Plesk working together

Hi everyone.
I wanted to install astpp that is resolved on a subdomain for example, now I wanted to use to set up my main website, so I am interested in using plesk for that, I have tried it but it does not work for me, when accessing the website it goes to plesk logging. Could anyone tell me step by step how to do it correctly?
Thank you very much for your help.

Why you are using plesk server
Plesk is mostly used by Developing Team
You need fresh server where you can do it for both for subdomain and domain only need to changes configuration file

Hello @ricardo
You need to change url in astpp-config.conf and in admin company profile as per the changed domain. It should work

thanks for answering.
I have verified the file /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf, and base_url is correct, do you mean that? and in admin company profile , where is that?

I never worked with plesk but I assume you have installed plesk on same server in which ASTPP is installed, and if that is the case then you need to do changes in nginx and configure domain server blog to route domain correctly.

I do not know if it explains well, I need:
subdomain . mydomain . com → ASTPP
mydomain. com → any website

and without plesk ?, my subdomain resolves in ASTPP also in the domain too,
I have tried to add in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
<virtualhost *: 80>
DocumentRoot / var / www / html / web
ServerName [mydomain. com]
ServerAlias [www. mydomain. com]

but it doesn’t work,
Has anyone been able to solve it?
Thanks for the help

I do several tests and nothing now the astpp console does not appear, show the Apache testing page , I have returned the httpd.conf file to its original state and testing still appears …, please I need help ,
I’m lost.

can anybody help me?

It seems web servers(httpd and nginx) are running on same port
so you need to check and accordingly modify the httpd virtual host listing port for plesk and nginx server block port for nginx. This is your setup you got idea about what and how you need, so you need to observe, apply changes and restart respective services.