ASTPP Cache and logs

I am facing a strange issue. i have a astpp server where one SIP device is registered. then what i have done i make a snapshot of that server and create a new server. which is working fine. but when i go the Registered SIP Deivces page in the new server i can still see the OLD server SIP device shows as registered. i tried restart freeswitch even the whole new server. but its not going.
i checked in directly fs_cli and there is no registrations actually.
so i think its coming up from some cache or something.

and also after long time i am decided to use astpp for production.
so can you please let me know where is all kinds of logs i need think about? as i dont need to keep logs for every call to make the storage full.

Thanks a million to everyone who read this post

@sokalsondha Try removing core.db and restart FS

thanks a million devang
may i know how do i delete that core.db
as i am not 100% sure
it will be really helpful

thanks a million