ASTPP Community V5 not automatically charging customers

I have assigned several test accounts with DID numbers, also a couple packages to them too, but as for example the DID’s are setup to automatically charge the recurrent fee every month, minutes packages are setup the same, it’s over a a month since the setup and nothing has been charged to this customers accounts, is this because I’m using the community version? I heard some people has been successful using the Community version but is that possible if monthly charges are not automatically charged to customers? I have been digging on this version for more than three months and I don’t see what else to change, if I try to run manually the invoices I got zero in the amounts, so anyone one that can clarify this issue please?


Do you mean DID charges are not deducting from customer account ?

Also, If you are generating manual invoice than you need to put the manual values according to the usage and your billing requirement. without filling it , it will give billing with amount zero

I did setup a few prepaid test accounts using the option with monthly billing schedule, and billing day on the let’s say 15th of the month, then I login as the customer to my ASTPP server and purchased a DID number for let’s say $1.00 for this test account using the purchase option using the customer interface, also, I purchased a previously created minutes plan (100 minutes plan for let’s say for $3.00), so the test account have now a working DID number and a fully functional plan for 100 minutes up and working, free minutes apply correctly on the call CDR reports if I make a call, everything works as supposed to be, but after the 30 days nothing happens, no renewal charge for the DID monthly fee or the monthly minutes plan, I’m expecting the ASTPP server to charge the customer test account the DID and minutes plan monthly fee accordingly every month since is suppose to be monthly recurrent charges. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? or I’m wrong on my expectations for ASTPP community version?

Hello @dannyltd
DID you select “Billing Type = Recurrring Monthly” while you create the free minutes package ?

In that case it will automatically renew every month.

I don’t have this option at all, it’s just one time and Recurring

@dannyltd May I know please which version of ASTPP , you are using ?