ASTPP Fail2ban configuration

I am having a lot of issues with my fail2ban.
its on debian 11.
can you please give me some good configuration for fail2ban specially for ASTPP?
i mean all the jail.conf files and everything.

May help if you would say the problem you are having rather than just saying you are having a problem only.

Basically I am installed fail2ban from the astpp script. But that’s not working. When I run service fail2ban status I get with error code.

So I can you please give me the guide how to to install fail2ban for astpp and also all the config files which is for astpp specially.

And also I am not using firewalld
I am using iptables.

So may be you have some best iptables rules which specially for astpp setup.

And only main issue I want to hide my servers from bad boys… is anyway I can block all scan done by hackers? Really tired with those people.

Can you please help?


iptables is part of the Linux kernel. Any thing else used simple translates their own commands to iptables rules. But fail2ban is something else, but also uses iptables rules.

With that, how about posting the errors?

Hello knerd thanks for your kind hand.

Just wondering do you have a telegram

My one is Telegram: Contact @bigbossonline1

May be we can chat there

Sorry, I don’t do chats

Hello Sir
here is the screenshot

I am just looking for good fail2ban installation bash script with config files specially best for the astpp system.

can you please help me?

i want to go to production but without security i can’t.

and one more question in the firewall i am controlling IP and ports allowed.

so can you please tell me the freeswitch audio ports 16384 - 32768 do i need to leave open for ALL IPv4? i am bit confused on those IP range for the firewall

hopefully you can help me

We can’t read all of that. You are cutting off the most important part of the messages.

Also , fail2ban is part of the repo and has its own installation.

i installed from that but its not working…
i just install the fail2ban from the fusionpbx script. and looks like its working
thanks a million for your help sir

Yes, I believe just using Freeswitch configs from that project or elsewhere is all you would need.