ASTPP+Freeswitch+(external MySQL)

thank for the nice ASTPP. I am using ver 4.x.x.

Installed as ASTPP+Freeswitch+MySQL all in on server, tested successfully for inbound and outbound. CDR is success.

However, if I seperate “ASTPP+Freeswitch” (in same server) and “MySQL” (standalone), although tested successfully for inbound and outbound, but CDR is unsuccessful.

Appreciate for any help. Thanks.

Hello Jason,
The DB connection configuration in astpp-config.conf and DB grant should be correct.

Thank you for responding.

Both files are correctly set:

  1. /etc/odbc.ini
  2. /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf

I am able to login astpp and able to update records.

My facing issue is, CDR is not able to update.

Any further help is appreciated.


Hello @Jason

Did you check if freeswitch server can connect to your database server. and also once check nginx web server configuration file if all file.


Hello Tinku kept,
The in the freeswitch log it does showed sql statement like select etc and able to get the dialplan to allow calls setup inbound and outbound successfully.

However, once call ended. I do not see cdr being updated.

I had check using isql on freeswitch machine and able to communicate to the MySQL machine astpp database.

Any other details step I can use to troubleshoot ?


Hello @Joseph
Do you have php-fpm service running fine?