ASTPP installation script not working

I know this topics has been discussed previously.
But dont know why the team is not working on this.

the astpp installation script not working at all for both community or enterprise edition.

i know there is issue with the freeswitch side.
but i have a idea. can not possible by astpp team to download the freeswitch repo in their server and when we install the astpp the freeswitch will be pulled from the astpp server. not from the freeswitch server?

or another thing currently we can do is… during the install script can ask question what is the token number. and we just simply paste the token number from the signalwire webesite.

waiting for some good news


The best thing for them do it is to download the source and build it. This is not the first time they had a problem with repos. For some reason they still insist on using third party repo for MySQL instead of using distro repo which all have moved on to MariaDB.

They are even using third party repo for PHP 7.3 which is available on newer OS distros.

I am working on my own script to do a compile a FreeSwitch and use MariaDB instead

Thanks. Just wondering do you have full manual installation guide?

the url forsoftswitch not working

because freeswitch signalwire has put some authorization in freeswitch installation.
user first need to create token by signing in to and then they will be provided a token.

With that valid token you can install freeswitch here in astpp.

@kobymaster we are almost ready with new script ,That script will ask you to paste the token.
I will update here with the link for the new script.

Hello @sokalsondha @kobymaster ,

We have updated the script for version- 5 ,
You can now download the script from here

Please let us know here if any you have any other concern.

Thank you

Super. But I am using the version 4. Will this script work on version 4 too? I can just change the source for astpp version 5 to version 4?

Please confirm


Yes, you can.