ASTPP installed at AWS

Hello gentlemen,

I’m new to ASTPP, could you help me?
I installed my first ASTPP server on an AWS.

I allowed ports 5060-5080 and ports 16384-32768, but I can’t rescue the softphone.
Do you have any idea what it will be?

thank you.

Hello Mr.Sandey,

Can you please send me the screenshot of your AWS security configuration? So I can get a better idea.

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Hello ddpatel2113,
Thanks for your attencion.

Follow the screenshot of my AWS security configuration.

Hello @Mr.Sandey,

Please remove the space between the ports and if there is no space is there then please send us the log of sngrep when you send the registration request.
If you have an internal firewall the please confirm with your internal firewall also.

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Hi Mr.

I adjusted the ports, but it looks like a standard distance.

Follow the capture of sngrep.

Hello @Mr.Sandey,

As per the screenshot, the sender IP is blocked into the firewall. So please remove it from the block list and reregister it again.

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Thanks @ddpatel2113,

sip devices are already registered.
but I can’t get audio and the calls end after 30 seconds.

I know it’s a NAT problem, but I don’t know how to solve it in ASTPP.

To know what happens, you have to install SNGREP on AWS server and then captures SIP signalization during a call:


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set ext-sip-ip and ext-rtp-ip to public ip and reload profile from fs_cli

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This is the solution. But sometimes it’s not enough to reload the profile through cli, FS restart needed on AWS.

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already works!

I had to combine the two suggestions.
set ext-sip-ip and ext-rtp-ip as public ip and reload ASTPP vm in aws.

Sorry for the basic questions, I’m a new Astpp user.

Hello, I would like to know how I implement the database, I am trying to migrate it to RDS

If you want use RDS database you have to study how this kind of database works. I don’t think is relate to ASTPP


RDS is handled with MySQL 8 without problem, the question is that I already managed to link odbc with the external server but it does not write the database when I modify something in astpp, I do not know what else I am missing

RDS will work with ASTPP, change db connection params accordingly in astpp-config.conf and odbc.ini

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Uff, a thousand thanks, I already did it, you also have to take into account the configuration of the new server, it must have the appropriate variable parameters, I have a MySQL cluster working at the moment with the database of my calling system. Thank you.
I always recommend everyone to work with the independent database server and much more in this type of application where the consumption of resources by the Database is so great.