ASTPP Quick Installation

Just set up a Ubuntu 20.04 cloud server and tried to run the Quick Install Script and I get the error “Quick installation does not support your distribution”. Is only CentOS supported?

Also What does this mean?
“Quick installation will install ASTPP 4.0.1 in scratch system only”.
What is a scratch system?

Quick install doesn’t support CentOS stream or CentOS 8 either
Only CentOS 7 works but that has EOL June 30, 2024
and is not upgradable to CentOS 8 thus forcing a complete re-install in a couple of years.

@dcitelecom Thank you for your interest for ASTPP

Hope you are well.

Ubuntu it will not work , you can use Debian.

centos, it should work , can you share what you are getting while running script on centos?


The install scripts works ok in CentOS 7 but not in centos 8 or centos stream or debian. I tried all of them. The error is always the same. “Quick installation does not support your distribution”

@dcitelecom Yes Please install in centos7 or in Debian 9

Hello @dcitelecom ,

As per @tinku.keot mention above it should be work with cent-7 or deb-9, still if you face issue then share screenshot along with your OS distribution so we can get idea.