Astpp to astpp different port

I have 2 astpp server. My first astpp is port number 5060

And my second server is 5599

I want to use IP authentication to send calls from second server to first server.

I have added the second server IP in my first server ACL.

But there is no option to put that 5599 in my first server for my second server. As my second server has different port.

What can I do in this case?


Its ip based only, considering only source; port won’t be needed.

But do you think the did numbers from server A to Server B will work?

As server A has port 5060

And server B has port 5599

Thanks for your reply

Yes, works; you have to forward the inbound call from server A to server B using IP and port.

Example: DID is 12345678

Call Type: DID@IP/URLS

Value: 12345678@ServerBIP:5599


thats works perfect
thanks for the help