Astpp v5 community - only usage from initial month is appearing on the invoice

astpp v5 community

postpaid account
recurring DID product
monthly billing schedule with billing date on the 1st of each month

for the initial month, everything is working fine. DID and minute charges are populated on the invoice correctly.

but for the subsequent months, only the minutes from the first month is showing on the invoice, even though there are additional usage.

The usage for subsequent months seems to be captured correctly, as I can see it on the CDR. The system is also sending out email for product renewal.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @hohenry711 ,
For V5 community invoice will generate on monthly basis only.

Hi @palak ,

Thanks for your reply. Monthly invoice is fine, but the usage after the first month is not showing on the newer invoice, while the cdr is capturing the call record.

On the screenshots above, the October and November invoices are having the same minutes charges (usd18.69), and both are dated “01-09-2022”. This is actually the minute usage of August, while there are additional calls on September and October. Thanks.

@hohenry711 Please log the bug



Okay we will look into it @hohenry711 ,