ASTPP v7 release date & Community Awards 2023

Hi All,

We are so thrilled to share that we are coming up with ASTPP Version 7 for both community and enterprise users of this smart telephony platform. It will have such fascinating exciting features and enhancements that it will leave you awestruck.

The work on Version 7.0 has already started and we have set our timers to launch it in the Third Quarter of 2023.

Are you all ready for the big news?

We are willing to award ASTPP contributors in 2023 with exciting awards and certifications for their contributions. We have defined four major categories to award ASTPP community users who actively or majorly contribute to various activities. The winners will be announced on the same day as the v7 release.

  • Best Forum Contributor
    We have a community forum here. It is free to sign up if you have not signed up yet. Community members interact with each other here by asking and resolving each others’ queries or in multiple other ways. We will award the most proactive contributor to the community forum.

  • Best Code Contributor
    As you all know, ASTPP has an open source version and we accept code and technical contributions from community members. We are going to award the most proactive and/or the best contributor to the code. We are going to launch ASTPP Version 7.0 in the third quarter of 2023 and this is the right time to be part of this big day with your contribution and get awarded for the same.

  • Best Video Contributor
    ASTPP also releases video tutorials, video guides, and more for its community and users. We are going to reward the best contributor of the year.

  • Best Social Media Contributor
    We have social media handles of ASTPP and we are also all set to award the best social media contributor contributing to our social platforms.

Best of luck!!!

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Well, you have numerous unreviewed pull requests sitting there with some since 2019. Not very encouraging for people to contribute.

We already have reviewed all of them and we have merged which we can merge. Only 6 PRs are in the pending state, and that is due to we are not confident or required more work to merge it, so rather we will merge it, we will use that code with the required changes and push it to the repo.

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What happened to the version 7 addition suggestion thread?

I think maybe it is time to add “Update PayPal API”?

We will possibly consider Updating Paypal API in 6.0 subversions.

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How about fixing a security issue where the client login and SIP account are using the same credentials?

It’s not that they are using the same credientials. It’s that they are using decryptable passwords for SIP as well as for browser login. You need a decryptable password for SIP. However, for browser login everyone uses a one way hash now a days, as in the past decade at least. The reason is because a one way hash can’t be used to login if a hacker got access to that somehow, such as from a database backup.

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58 days until Quarter 3 is over. Will you make it?

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is there any news on the release date? maybe there is a beta version for testing?

Quarter 3 is over in ~15 days.

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