ATPP 4.0.1 Setup / Initial Config

Hey Guys,

Is there someone on here that can assist in setting up ASTPP? I have been trying for years to install it, following all the videos and guides but for the life of me i can not seem to get it to work.

I am getting the ORIGNATION_RATE_NOT_FOUND [31] Despite setting the Origination rate.

If you have a Skype please give me.
So I can help you… it’s very simple … astpp has all the videos

But if you still unable I am happy to show you.


Hello @mmatters,

Please share here call logs and your configuration details to get idea about your issue.

Note: Please do not share any personal information here.


We have managed to get it to work however not having issues getting the callerid to be passed through to the gateway despite us forcing the callerid astpp is just not passing it to freeswitch and onto the gateway

please get the reference from the new concern from yours.