BUG ASTPP Version 5

If I install version 4 for production, then will it be easy to upgrade to 5, or should I already use version 5?

In version 5

The ACL does not work via UI, you can add the ips that the system does not accept, it is necessary to run via SSH reloadacl so that the ip is released.

I changed the Socket credential password
But with that, Live Calls no longer shows ongoing calls, and I don’t see where to get UI access to Freeswitch Server page

What file I edit to FreeSwitch - ASTPP - Docs ??

Hello @rgazetta ,

Here i suggest to use 5.0 if you are just starting business because that is latest beta release so.

Also if you are using enterprise edition then you can raise ticket for same.

For document changes you can comment in document or send your suggestion over mail.