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What features you think ASTPP V7.0 should have, nice to have, must have?
Thread is open…

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In the billing, have the ability to have a “grace period.” For example, Bill is due on first of month, but considered late on the fifth of the month.

Then have the option to have the system cut off service on the late date. And be able to play an optional recording (admin uploaded) which can be played for notification that service has been cut off.

Yup that’s a great feature

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TLS/SRTP is becoming popular with providers. How about adding features in the trunk settings to use TLS/SRTP?

Thanks @KNERD for your inputs, we’ll consider them

Keep them coming good people…

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How about backup and restore functionality? With the ability to send backups to places like FTP, SFTP, DropBox, etc.?

As an example, FreePBX has an open source module for setting up storage options:

Maybe even add a schedule ability like this:

Another interesting thing about their Back & Restore module is the ability to take a backup from an older version of FreePBX, and upgrade the backup to be compatible with the newer version.

How about this too?

The ability to be able to include all calls made in an invoice and have not only the cost (if applicable), and time of calls, but also separate them by free/package calls, and calls which are charged.

Bulk manage DIDs, select multiple DIDs and assign them to a customer, or change the DID rates

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@KNERD Your suggestion is valuable and we considered it into upcoming road-map of ASTPP community version. We included in our plan with internal ticket

Keep sharing your valuable thoughts.


A monitoring of registered devices, with the ability to send an email to the administrator/user

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@ccordero Thank you so much for your interest and welcome to the ASTPP community.

Thank you for your valuable inputs, we’ll consider them.
If anything please keep them coming.

Сonverting a record to another format. Ideally mp3 or gsm

@ccordero Does you want email notification to customer and admin when customer’s sip device got registered/unregistered, or only admin side you need the notifications ?

@kola12 Thank you for your valuable inputs.

Hello @devangn I wish if you may have a simple configuration set to add extra IPs to the same server , in fact I have a post that still waiting help on it regarding the same , Thanks in advance Add extra IP to ASTPP V6

Update CodeIgnitor. You are currently using v2.1.0, which was release Nov 2011. At the very least, that should be updated to the last minor version of v2, which was v2.2.6 and was released in Oct 2015. I believe there have been bug fixes and security updates in there that directly affect ASTPP, such as xss_clean(), which ASTPP uses in most if not all forms.

Ideally, CodeIgnitor should be updated to v4 if this project wants to remain relevant and attract interest from more developers. I don’t think it would require a major rewrite and I could probably help do some of it.