Call hangup for a specific customer

i am using the astpp with LOCALNUMBER addons.
one of my customer told me his call get hangup everytime after 30 mins.
i have checked the CDR and yes … his call hangup 30.00 minute.
he is using LOCALNUMBER feature… so he call a LOCAL NUMBER and its goes to his destination number.
but all my other customers are fine. their call disconnected on 60.00 minute. thats what i set on settings max call duration 60

what can be the issue? i told him anyway test by ACCESS NUMBER. so then i know its issue local number only or global issue.

but please someone help with some idea what i should check.

If you have fs_cli log then share it in pastebin. That will help to understand the issue.

i found the log file /var/log/freeswitch/freeswitch.log file
but its about 300mb so i just delete it.
i am waiting when he will call again and we have the log file again.
is that file you looking for?

and could you please tell me is there any way i can keep the freeswitch.log file saved daily basis and auto delete the daily log file after 7 days? otherwise everytime thiss log file will be very big
thanks samir

Please give us the fs_cli log. Please open the fs_cli on the server and tell to your customer to dial a LOCAL Number and then take the log of that call from fs_cli and paste it into Pastebin and send the link of Pastebin here.