Call report rounded

I have a 60/60 appraisal( Initial increment and Increment) in my rate group. How could I see the reports with the minutes in 60/60?

But the report shows the actual minute, not the rated minute. For example, for a call with a rating of 60/60 and a duration of 00:01:03, the rated minute would be 00:02:00. Could the report show that?

i have astpp 6 community

You would have to go into the code and make changes yourself.

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Yes right now system will display actual duration. If you wish to display billable duration, then you need to have customization in the code.

@KNERD you can send PR, it will be good to have.

Give me a head start and point me to the file which displays that. Maybe I can add a setting into the settings panel to set a switch for rounding off of billing

Ah sorry I thought you have it implemented in your setup. It needs to be done when we are processing cdr.

No, but I could do it for others, and why I asked about a general location in the code/file to help save time.

That needs to be done at cdr.php level. We have added that in roadmap and mostly it will be there in v7.

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