Caller ID in Contact user part on Gateway

How to configure Carrier > Gateway in ASTPP that it will send Caller ID in Contact field user part instead of gw+[gw_name]?

Of course some kind of solution is to set Extension-In-Contact true and use Extension field below but how to put there dynamic content - Caller ID will be different for almost every call.

@Bartosz set extension to whatever name you want as contact name with having extension-in-contact to true

That is a static solution that I already know. How to make it dinamic?
I want Contact User Part be always From User Part.

I missed the part ‘you already’ aware about static part.
For dynamic, not sure, but by adding channel variable sip_contact_user=variable_sip_from_user directly in bridge you might achieve what you are targeting

I’m not sure if I understand you :slight_smile:
How to do this using ASTPP GUI, please give me an example.

Hello @Bartosz
For this you need to apply patch in dial plan that will need some sort of technical knowledge.