Caller ID not being passed

Whats with your software and not sending the correct caller ID, does not matter what i set as the caller ID under the extension setting in atpp 4.0.1 you are refusing to send it to the gateway… you still continue to send the usernme as the carrier ie

From: sip:1615796200@XXXXXXXXX;tag=cd3ce75cd94e446b8b78e5d13db8628b

1615796200 is the internal extension

We have forced the Caller id to be set to 035330580 which is an additional number on the trunk yet it keeps showing the default trunk caller id which is 0353030578


Hello @mmatters,
If you’ve tried to configure ‘Caller Name’ from the sip device, check your gateway configurations & try once with “Caller-Id-In-From” = “True”.