Can't install ASTPP

i can’t install ASTPP V 4 or V 5 at Centos 7 Or debian 10
i have been add Access Token ID and everything installed and running like as nginx
when open the website i got this message Welcome to nginx!
when add dir /astpp i got 404 Not Found
can any one help me to get wroking script ?

You need to point your domain to the right path
cd /etc/nginx/conf.d

cat astpp.conf

copy root path

cd …/sites-available

apt install nano

nano give-name-to-file

replace root path which you copy
ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/your-file-name /etc/nginx/sites-enable/

nginx -t

systemctl restart nginx


Thank you @arbutt1010 for your reply please find the attached pic :grinning:

I’m download the script from
and I tried to install it more than 10 times at different cloud service like as contabo ,
digitalocean and they all failed for both version at Centos 7 and Debian 10
really ASTPP It got so complicated that it wasn’t installed
since 6 months ago we can install it but now we can’t
I suggest ASTPP making a video tutorial to install it

@fekrakhaled may I know which version of ASTPP you are try to install and also above screenshot server is which OS ?