CDR for Gateway in profile Reseller

A have a reseller profile and a Gateway configured. The problem I have is that because the calls generated by the gateway are not showing the SIP user.

So when the reseller office profile generates the CDR report it does not show the outbound calls made.

What recommendation can you give me so that the CDR report shows the calls that have been made without the information of the SIP user?

For your attention and support, thanks.

Do you mean system is not showing cdr records of reseller’s customer in admin portal?

An apology for the delay in reply. The situation is that only the reseller profile shows calls that include information in Sip User.
Outbound calls made by a Carriers/Gateway do not include the Sip User, then they are not show in the CDR/Customer report.
For your time and support, thanks.

Sorry, I am still not getting the issue clearly. Will you able to share the screenshot and explain? That will be helpful.

Im sorry for the delay in the follow-up.

There is a customer that the reseller account filters for calls. But it doesn’t show any information.

You have to enter the filter by caller ID, but this customer has different caller ID numbers out.

Only if from the admin account it is filtered by client and the calls that no have “SIP user” then its possible to see the calls in CDR.

Just to clarify again,

  1. If you are logged into a reseller account and search by the customer then the system is not showing any records but when you login into admin portal and search then it’s displaying records. Is that right?

  2. This is happening only with the records in which there is no sip user defined. Is that right?

Sorry for the delay. What you mention is correct.

Are you using ASTPP 4 or 5?
We have checked in v5 and that looks working.

We are planning to release community version upgrade(v4 to v5) script in this month.

Im using version 4

Hello @imv2000
We have version 4 to 5 upgrade script available already.