CDR missing Trunk and Rate Geoup

Currently i see an issue where in CDR i cant see the Trunk and Rate group of the inbound or outbound call. This will be important to track for billing and troubleshooting.

Note i have two trunks one for inbound and one for outbound I will appreciate If someone can assist

Hello @voicecloud
Have you applied any code modification?
Which version of ASTPP are you referring to?

no i have not this stright 4.0 installation. I have also noticed that email notification are not working I have configured the snmp settings and i get this error Unable to send email using PHP SMTP. Your server might not be configured to send mail using this method

Hello @voicecloud About cdrs entry missing values, can you enable the debug log from global setting and share the output of /var/log/astpp/astpp.log when call got disconnected in pastebin?
About email notification concern, is sendmail service running fine on your server and please share the screen shot to smtp error you are mentioning above and path of the log file name from which you are observing this error, please send this details in the other thread you are discussing.

Thanks @devangn I will do that and message you?
can you please confirm if you want me to enable the global setting on fs_cli on freeswitch.
I will check smtp service and get back too.