Codec G729 (Mute) - ASTPP 5 Enterprise


I bought a license, I saw the installation and everything was perfect, but when I use the g729 the call is muted without audio passing

If I use codec g711 everything works fine, but if I use proxy or g729 (licensed), the call is muted on both sides.

Can help to fix this??

Hello @rgazetta ,
Is your server is enterprise V5 then please can create concern on our JIRA ticket so we can help ypu there by giving our suggestions.
As we need some of the screenshots related to it so we can guide you.

I managed to solve.

The problem was not on my Fresswitch, but on the other end that somehow had the g729 codec uninstalled and I hadn’t noticed it.

After reinstalling everything worked perfect.

In case anyone needs it, I’m using the free G729 on freeswitch perfectly.

Thanks for the update @rgazetta