Community Edition Unusable

I have been trying hard to make the switch to ASTPP. I spent a lot of time getting the Community Edition to work but it’s an impossible task. It lacks the absolute MINIMUM requirements for a functioning commercial system.

  1. There is only ONE trunk in the Rate Group. No carrier failover makes the system unusable. You can not provide a commercial service with one trunk.

  2. Initially I thought I could use the failover gateways in trunks to accomplish the same thing but the current failover logic is completely useless as it uses the same localization for all gateways in the trunk. That means you can not failover to another carrier and you can’t even failover to the same provider as each trunk requires his own tech prefix (localization). I need to failover from carrier A Silver to carrier B Silver and carrier C Silver or calls will fail constantly which makes astpp not usable.

  3. Rates. Even though I can create different Service offerings (e.g. Silver, Gold… rate packages), each Rate group will only use ONE termination rate as trunk failovers do not look at termination rates and the rate group only allows one trunk.

Unless I am missing something, I will have to abandon ASTPP and take a second look at Magnus Billing. It may not be as sleek as ASTPP but at least it’s not crippled and has all major features enabled.

You could trying to go to a2billing. I see on their GitHub repo some made some changes to support PHP 7 2-3 years ago.

Other problem is the currency conversion. It uses Yahoo API which taken down some years ago.

The SIP Provider CallWithUS uses it, and I understand they customized it a bit for them.

I a not sure why they decided to abandon the project and go with Robocallers in which governments around the world have been banning to prevent spamming

The best option is ASTPP but without multiple trunks in the rate group, I will have to pass.

Have you tried sipwise or CGRates?

  1. System allows you to select multiple trunks in rate group and based on routing type, it will select the termination rates and route the call.

  2. To do the failover to another carrier, you need to have termination rates as we understand that, if you select 2 different carrier’s gateway in same trunk, then admin can goes into negative profit because it is possible that you have failover gateway with higher rate.

  3. Refer point number 1.

It seems you do not have proper understanding of system and consider it as system issue.

You can consider buying paid support or training from team. ASTPP Support Packs (

I don’t mind paying for official support but the Community Edition Rate Group allows only ONE trunk. There are no fields for additional trunks. If this is not intentional, then it’s a bug.

If it’s a matter of a few dollars to add additional trunks to the Community Edition Rate Group then I don’t mind paying that.

I also took a screenshot of the Community version and it allows me to select more than one trunk.

Did you click on the down arrow to bring the menu up on “Trunks”?

Before Clicking:

After clicking:

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OMG. I owe you a beer. Many thanks. It all makes sense now.

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I guess the issue you have now is the announcements.

I recall in a2billiing, theirs was menu driven.

For example:

  • Press 1 For English
  • Marque 2 Para Español
  • Appuyez sur 3 pour le français

In a2billing you could define the customer language in the customer record and if a customer was French all voice prompts were played French by default. The guys from ASTPP are giving me a quote to have this implemented in the Community Edition.

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That’s awesome of you to do that.