Community v5 insecure?

Hi all,

I have installed ASTPP v5 on Debian 10 and have found that disabling internet access to this server results in the UI failing to load. As soon as I enable internet access it loads. When monitoring requests to and from this server, I found that the ASTPP server itself is contacting Google user content domain with each request to the ASTPP interface. This is dodgy as f. Example below of the


This could also be why listed data (customers etc) takes +/- 10 seconds to display. Its not a resource issue, its probably this request the server is doing directly.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

If I block this IP ( alone the interface doesn’t load.

@Random_Seed Can you check if /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf is having correct base_url.
Also whatever your server public IP interface , you can have the base_url on it.

Hello! Thanks for your input. Yeah all set up including DNS. However, even if that wasn’t setup correctly, that would not cause ASTPP to call Google content IPs from the server itself.