Create custom IVR and use with ASTPP

Hello Team,

I’m using ASTPP V5 community. I know I can’t create IVR with this version, however, I was wondering if it’s possible to manually create custom IVR in freeswitch and and get it working with ASTPP?

This mean for all incoming calls, I first forward it to the custom IVR or something like that.

If someone has succeeded to do this, please I need your help.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I also have the same doubt! Looks like the astpp dialplan is invalid… If anyone can help we would appreciate it.

You need to customize the dialplan by modifying the call script as per your need.

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hello my name adeilson you managed to run


Hello guys!

Thanks for your replies.

Though I’m still using ASTPP with some of my clients, I had to switch to Magnus Billing for this particular use case.

I think the team has to allow community version users to use the IVR, at least with minimal features. The IVR, to me, is a basic feature that should not be removed completely from the community version.

Hello @Ndakena
You may contact us on, we’ll try and help you out.

Realize FreeSwitch is a SIP server, not a PBX like Asterisk is. You can make such a IVR in FreeSwitch configuration files or you can pay the developers to do it for you.