Currency error update

I have the following situation
in currencies it is like this
16 | BRL | Brazilian Real | 0.001
however when I update to leave the value at 0.00
in my panel it stops showing the values ​​getting everything 0.0000
what is happening and that with this value set at 0.001, it added this value to my rate

Hello @maxxsolutions ,
Please share any screenshot for it, so we can check and guide accordingly.

@maxxsolutions , the ‘Rate’ currency list in comparison with the base currency set in global config, so if you are trying to set BrReal as base currency then do it from global config

@maxxsolutions Why do you want to modify that value to 0.00, because as mentioned above the currency table value work in a way that how other currencies in multiplication of base currency so in that table base currency value will be 1 so that with respect to that base currency what other currencies values are.