Customer Search Error

Hi, I have the following problem, it’s not time for the reseller to do a customer search, when the page updates, it starts showing all the customers registered in the database, including the administrator’s customers, someone already got this error


@maxxsolutions , The uploaded image seem to have some issue, not visible/downloadable; Are you trying to share that reseller’s login showing customers under direct admin?

I didn’t share the picture
I just reported a problem,
which is when you do a search when refreshing the page, it shows all the clients registered in the database

Sometimes it helps to share an image so we can see what the problem is a little better

In the search I did with a reseller, I didn’t find a result, but when I updated the page, it started showing users from other resellers

How did you update the page?

F5 reload

I suspect that cleared the search term and started listing all resellers.

They may be updating the code to be compatible with newer versions of PHP, but they do not appear to be updating ASTPP with the newest features that PHP has to offer.

@maxxsolutions Because the logic is not having ‘persistence search’ functionality available in community edition. With page reload, the search filter params will be removed