Customer to customer not billed


We have a problem when a customer calls another customer on the same ASTPP the call is free.
How can we change this so the calls are billed?

See CDR:

Date Caller ID Called Number SIP User Code Destination Duration Debit (EUR) Cost (EUR) Disposition [Q.850] Account Country Trunk Rate Group Call Type Direction
2022-03-04 10:56:47 3188235xxxx <3188235xxxx> 31882350064 3188235xxxx 31882350064 31882350064 00:04 0.0000 0.0000 NORMAL_CLEARING [16] (14727985741) NETHERLANDS inbound
2022-03-04 10:56:47 3188235xxxx <3188235xxxx> 31882350064 3188235xxxx 00:04 0.0000 0.0006 NORMAL_CLEARING [16] (14727985741) outbound

Hello @r.groenendijk
From admin portal customer edit is having a configuration named ‘LC Charge/Min’ you can apply per minute cost for local calls there.

Thanks, is there a way to use the Origination Rates for local calls?

And I just found this settings (INB_FREE=“TRUE”) in /var/lib/astpp/astpp.lua is this maybe related to my problem?

Hello @r.groenendijk
INB_FREE is for inbound calls not for local; to have local calls consider Origination Rates there will be call scripts related customization/modification required.

Hello @devangn ,

Sorry for the late reply but we tested the ‘LC Charge/Min’ but local calls are still free.

LC Charge/Min = 0.0190

LC Charge/Min = 0.0100

2022-03-18 08:43:05 3171560xxxx < 3171560xxxx> 071572xxxx 3188235xxxx 3171572xxxx 3171572xxxx 04:45 0.0000 0.0000 NORMAL_CLEARING [16] M (14727998719) NETHERLANDS inbound
2022-03-18 08:43:05 3171560xxxx < 3171560xxxx> 071572xxxx 3188235xxxx 04:45 0.0000 0.0461 NORMAL_CLEARING [16] R (14727985741) outbound

The 0.0461 listed as cost is the correct purchase for the reseller, this is related to the purchase tariff for the reseller.

Hello @r.groenendijk
Is this happening with admin’s directly customer as well?
If so, please log the issue in Jira portal accordingly.

I will test this with a customer under the admin account itself

After testing with different settings and between admin / reseller it’s still not possible to get ‘LC Charge/Min’ to work.

Hello @r.groenendijk Please log the concern at with your findings.

Which version is this?

version 4.0.1

Good Day Devangn

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