Debian 10 Cluster setup - v6 or v5 (Enterprise)

hello everyone

I am looking for some information on setting up a cluster, using MariaDB (Galera).
I’d like to setup 3 servers in the cluster, with Freeswitch on 2 of them and the Web interface on the third.

does anyone have some information on this?

Many thanks in advance

Hello @NormanMichaelis,
For community version cluster setup will not be possible as for now.

Hi @palak

thank you for the reply, i am going to be using the v6 Enterprise on a Debian 10 cluster of machines.

@NormanMichaelis please use debian 11.

You realize Debian 10 is technically End of Life? There has been no official announcement yet

@KNERD yes, but at the time of installation, 11 was giving me errors, I have now installed v6 on Debian 11 (installed some additional packages before running the v6 script).

now i would like to add additional nodes (another freeswitch and a separate Web)
what is the best process for this, what i tried before gave me a license error.

@NormanMichaelis That’s, as per design, you may communicate about this with Amit from our team. We’ll help you quickly on this.

@devangn - i have chatted with Amit, he recommended i get your team to install the cluster?? do you have some sort of architecture design diagram.

if my license if for 10 nodes, right, how do i install a second node and license it without a license error?
i can install and license a single node, anything I install after that fails on the license.
Any Ideas?

Does the platform still require php7.3? this was EOL end of 2020 and end of security patching end 2021.

Looking at their script, it is still installing PHP version 7.3 even though Debian 11 already has PHP 7.4.

With all the errors in the script, and stuff getting out of date, it’s just sloppy / lazy development