Debian 11 script

Friends, isn’t it time to make the script compatible for debian 11? Freeswitch recommends debian 11, even fusionPBX is already using Debian 11. Regards

I am working on a script which supports Debian 10 and 11.
The difference in mine is there will be no third party package repos used.
Those have caused a lot of trouble in the past year or so, and they seem to be slow to fix it.
Instead it will use only the Debian repo, and for FreeSwitch, it will compile from source.

Almost done with it. Just have to do final testing and adjustments.

As far as CentOS 7, it is EOL in two years with no upgrade path from that point so no sense in messing with that anymore.

I will probably do support Rocky Linux 8 once they get that up to par.

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Wow. Can we get a copy please once it’s done?

That’s a big relief

I will publish it on GitHub and post a link once I know it is functioning well on both Debian 10 and 11

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You are my hero!!

Very good. So pleased to you… thanks a million

Hello Sir
Just wondering are you using mysql or mariadb on your script?

MariaDB, which is in the Debian repo.

The script is basically completed. I am having to go through bugs/incompatibilities during the installation. This is nearly completed.

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super. i have another idea. as astpp script is one file based. so in case any part from this script has issue… like recently we had freeswitch issue… then we just can’t fix this easily.
so i have an idea i this case.

  1. the whole script can be like 15-17 sections. so why we can’t make like like each part like a seperate, , like this way. and we can upload all the scripts in the /usr/src/ and just run 1 by one. so in this case even you feel like its many scripts to run. but the best part is you know where is the issue comes during installation. so in future if any issue comes we just have to fix in that particular script file. and fix the issue.

i hope you understand what i meant to say.

Thanks a million for you hard work

Hello Sir any update on the script?


Have the script basically done with no errors being generated in the script itself as of today.For testing, I have the script pause between each task section so I can look over the results,but now there is a problem with ASTPP itself when trying to log in for the first time:

I will have to go over the logs see what this means. As of now, I suspect is it related to the database unicode type. MariaDB did not like the MySQL one being used in the ASTPP configuration so I had to use a substitute.

@KNERD Yes its look like mysql error. Did you make change after install in mysql ?
Can you retry the installation please ?

Running installation 100 times won’t help. I can tell you have not been following the thread closely.

I made a change to astpp-5.0.sql

Which has

/*!50003 SET collation_connection = utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci */ ;

MariaDB returned an error when the sql script got to this point. From suggestions on other forums, it was suggested to change to


If you have another suggestion…

@KNERD if you are working on Debian11 script at your end.We are not sure for this at this moment.
For now we are supported centos7 and Debain10.

As you said, this appears to be a database issue, and really not anything to do with Debian 11 itself.
I am about to peruse through the MariaDB database on what I see and report back what I see.

@KNERD Yes the issue with database and it is related to Debian 11.
Our community versions is only tested for now with Debian version 10.
So there will be things which is not compaitable with your Debian11 version and due to that the issue is occur.

Not really, The issue is I am using MariaDB in the repository, and not MySQL from their own repository.
Back a while ago, MariaDB was proclaiming “drop in replacement for MySQL.”

I guess that is not the case anymore

Looking at the database, it appears to be okay so something else is going on.

I think I will set up GitHub today and call it “beta” so others can look at it if they want.