Debug=0 in astpp-config.conf

I can’t figure out what the debug=0 setting in /var/lib/astpp-conf.config does. It appears not to be used at all based on my search of the code. There are no variables referencing it anywhere. When I change it to debug=1 it doesn’t do anything.

There is a separate debug setting in the GUI > Configuration > Settings > Calls and when I enable that it enables debug entries in freeswitch.log and also causes /var/log/astpp.log to start getting entries logged.

Perhaps that entry in the config file is a legacy thing and should be removed?

That is default codeigniter debug levels configuration.

I suspect it may have been in the past. It doesn’t seem to do anything anymore and I can’t find any reference to it in the code anywhere, so that kind of confirms it. Unless my search has missed it.