Can you help me?

I installed version 4.0.1, some of them have 4 or 5 DIDs, and I’m noticing a failure in channel capacity.

I put 2 channels for each DID, but the system receives the first 2 calls and all the others in the other DIDs it’s Congestion as if it didn’t have more free channels capacity, could you help me?

Similar problem if not the same.

Use the same version, 401


Can anybody help me?

Hello @rgazetta ,

It looks like some problem please report it https://jira.astppbilling.org/



Hello @rgazetta ,

Thanks for reporting that issue, you can keep monitoring that, it will be fix in upcoming fixes.

Can anyone help with this problem???

@rgazetta ,

Our team will do investigation and they will fix in upcoming release.

Commenting these lines will the limits in each DID be individual?

Yes, Individual limit configuration per DID will be as it is working.