DID number forward

Hello everyone
How are you? I have just one question regarding DID forwarding.

Basically my plan is create only one sip Account for each customer and if the customer want 10 DID forward all 10 DID to that SIP Account.

So when the customer login that sip Account to his dialer and if someone ring all those 10 DID then it will be ring in the SIP Account.

But customer can add this sip Account to the PBX like fusionpbx or freepbx and create more sip Account for his users and give each DID for his users.

Question is which forward option I should use?



As all DID will be in one sip Account


The simplest way to achieve this is to use the Direct IP option and put the hostname or public ip of the customers pbx.

This assumes your customers pbxes are Internet facing with the necessary ports open.

I use this method exclusively to route the calls from DIDs since all my customers as dialer or pbx customers.

Hello @sokalsondha ,
You can use SIP-DID as you forwarding from one system to other PBX or also you can use Direct IP as mention above by @jamie.murray88.jm

Thanks everyone.
I know how the direct ip works.
But I want to use for sip dialer also. As I will be selling online. So customer can do themselves what they want… I am basically making an API so everytime customer buy DID from my panel it will be set then SIP-DID .

If they add new DID then it will be point to same SIP Account.

So if they want they can use dialer or they can use PBX

So I think the SIP DID is the category I need to use… Right?

i have to bring this post back again. Basically whats the DID-Local forward thing.
when i login the SIP account in dialer its working both same thing DID-Local or SIP-DID
but issue when i connect that SIP account to my fusionpbx server and DID number forwarded to SIP-LOCAL then call not coming to fusionpbx server.

for a single SIP Trunk with multiple DID number forwarded to that SIP which forward thing we should be use?

DID-Local or SIP-DID?

please try to answer my question

You need to use SIP-DID as you register SIP device in PBX as trunk.

Also, you can refer link for more understand DID routing type : https://docs.astppbilling.org/itplmars/v6/multiple-ways-to-configure-did-routing-56435529.html

Thanks Harsh Patel for your answer.

I am just wondering if someone just wanted to use the SIP-DID with a regular Yealink VoIP phone will it work?

As not all my customers will be using external pbx facility.

So I can put all of them with SIP-DID


That is probably how a lot of people use it. This inbound call flow diagram should tell you all you need to know.