Diff rates on admin vs customer


I’m having an issue where the rate that i see in my cdr isn’t the same in that what I see in the customer cdr. Example:

Same call:

As I said, this is the same call

@snsh1n3 Apology for the inconvenience.
We are not experience such kind of issue as of now.
Can you let us know which version of ASTPP you are using ?

I’m using the last version, 5

@snsh1n3 Sure , We will get it check from our side once in this version and update you on this ASAP.

@snsh1n3 Did you raised ticket on ASTPP community ?
Team will respond there.

Check if your customer currency is the same as the base currency?

@akeko Raise one ticket on our ASTPPCOM please , so team can check your concern accordingly.