dSiprouter in front of astpp

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I am needing some guidance in setting up dsiprouter in front on astpp.

I have done all the configurations to make dsiprouter to communicate with astpp.

  1. i used user authentication between astpp and dsiprouter, gateway is registered fine.

  2. user accounts authenticate fine using outbound proxy on Zoiper

My challenge is that when trying to make a call using Dsiprouter Gateway on ASTPP i get

termination rates not found error on astpp, have linked the Rate Groups and Trunks are all pointing to Dsiprouter.

On Dsiprouter when i run Sngrep i am seing a 480 temporarily unavailable error.

Thank you kindly for your assistance

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Reagan Kizanga

Hello @rkizanga ,

It would be more better if you share complete call log for above scenario. You can share log using https://pastebin.freeswitch.org/.