Emergency Dial plan

  • ASTPP Version 6.0
  • Operating System: Debian 11

Any one can help me to add Emergency dial plan Like *911 Astpp do not allow * numbers

I am not familiar with *911. In Canada it’s simply 911. However, if you wish to use *911, you can use the Localization module to strip the * prefix on the origination or termination side.

ok …but in mexico we have some services like *0311

Unless the carrier is located in Mexico, I don’t think any of those services will be supported by any VoIP carriers.

we’re the carrier…

IMHO, ASTPP Community edition is not really suitable to provide PBX phone service. I believe you need the Enterprise edition to unlock those features. We use FusionPBX and it works quite well.

However, if you want to use ASTPP, simply create a Localization rule to cut *911 and add 911 on the Origination side so that 911 is found as a zero rated call in your Origination rates and then cut * and add whatever you need to reach 911 emergency services on the termination side.

You can also book an hour of commercial support with the ASTPP team. They should be able to get this going for you and it’s cheaper than spending a couple of weeks trying to figure it out.

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I mean like Telmex, TelCel, etc.

They would not be using ASTPP.

We’re a carrier direct with legal licence, we’re trying to implement ASTPP as a solution more efective we have and old mediacore.

good idea… can you ping in Private?