ENUM integration with Asttpp.dialplan

Hi all

I’d like to know if anyone has integrated the FS enum module in the astpp.dialplan.lua, and are there any examples of the code i could look at please?

Hi @NormanMichaelis
Currently we are not using this module , but if you are looking for it . please let us know …you can contact us on below details :
Email : contact@astppbilling.org
Skype : astpp.sales

Hi Tinku

I have sorted out the scripting and functions required, as of 30 mins ago.

thank you for the reply

Can we update ASTPP via git pull or no?

Yes @zachakit you may.

@devang is there any way to integrate this with the Enterprise v6?

@NormanMichaelis Please log the feature request, team will check the feasibility.