[ERR] sofia_presence.c:555 Cannot find profile

2023-10-19 18:42:41.339081 57.03% [ERR] sofia_presence.c:555 Cannot find profile

I had to update my server, after that this error appeared, does anyone know what it could be, because I’m getting calls stuck on the panel, when I try to drop the call nothing happens

  1. Is FS connecting with DB fine utilizing the db creds from /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf and /etc/odbc.ini?
  2. Is Nginx server block on 8735 port listening locally and accessible?

Now this error has disappeared, after a reload in SIP Profile, However in relation to stuck calls, this didn’t solve it, I don’t know if it’s a Freeswitch bug, when this happens the client can no longer make calls, it already causes congestion in every attempt from him

You really should post a log showing what is happening during a call attempt

Call finish no sngrep

na cli freeswitch

in panel

If you click on the hangup button the call does not end, I have already tested it on other calls that are not blocked and the hangup button works normally

Is there a response in the fs_cli when you click on that button?

no response, I did several tests to see if there would be any error but nothing

I just haven’t finished the one that’s stuck

Are you using community version?

yes, this problem started after freeswitch updated to this version 1.10.10~release~24~4cb05e7f4a~bullseye-1~bullseye+1 -
after a debian update

This could be the zombie channel issue, there are several concerns logged with FreeSWITCH; you may try removing core.db and restart FreeSWITCH service.

it would be this way

hi, several bugs reported in this version of freeswitch
to fix the phantom connection problem
It is necessary to use a PCMU-only codec,
I’ve already done it here on my system and it worked, I’ll be working on fixing this bug and I’ll post anything again here

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