Error balances change language

Friends, when I’m using the English language, all the values on the Dashboard and customer balance are correct:
Dashboard Example: Debit 0.0900 BRL
Customer balance example: 686.9100

But if I change it to Portuguese it changes to:
Dashboard Example: Debit 9.0000 BRL
Customer balance example: 68691.000

What could be happening?


  • ASTPP Version (5.0)
  • Any modification have you done in default ASTPP
  • Operating System: (Debian)
  • For call log sharing you can easily share on
  • Any other information like error logs, access log, service statuses, steps of reproduce etc.

In fact, it’s any language it gives the decimal error, only English shows the decimals correctly!

Friends, I also tested it on cents 7 and the same error occurs. And when I try to delete a client in Portuguese, the screen goes blank and only the number 1 appears, then I have to go back, change it to English and then I can delete the client!

You need to report the bug at